Drum twist machine

Drum Twist Machine

The machine is used for cabling power cables of medium & low voltage or high voltage and Milliken conductor of high voltage or extra high voltage, as well as for armoring with steel-wire and steel-tape or screening with copper wires.


  • Drum Twister Machine with take-up reel from dia. 1000 to dia. 3500 mm
  • Drum Twister Machine to be used for the stranding of bare, insulated, sectorial, prespiralled cables, for armouring, shielding, etc.
  • Screening with Cu to Al wires
  • Armouring with steel wires
  • Drum Twister Machine equipped with:
  1. Central pay-off with fork or rollers
  2. Rotating pay-offs with fork or rollers
  3. Pay-offs and/or armouring drum pay-offs
  4. Shielding pay-offs
  • Taping heads for paper, non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, etc.
  • Pull rotating caterpillar
  • Take-ups with fork or rollers
  • Automatic and semiautomatic loading systems
  • Possibility to have cameras and visual systems to display the production and the laying on the rotating take-up

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