Stranding machines

Stranding Machine

Cables for fixed installation in wire channels or long walls or long sealings of rooms need to be bendable. Cores for moveable electric devices and units need to be flexible. The required processability is achieved by using stranded conductors inside the cable which are produced on stranding machines.

Stranding is the process where a particular number of stranding elements are joined together while winding them round a common axis.

Stranding is a result of rotating and forward movement. The rotation creates winding of the stranding elements around an axis or a center element. The forward movement is made using a capstan.

  • Rigid cage stranding machines for reel range dia. 400 mm to 800 mm
  • Stranding machines designed for the manufacturing of aluminium and copper plaits
  • Reel-holding rotor manufactured in multiples of 6 reels
  • Rotor manufacturing: 6/12/18/24/30/36 reels
  • Locked reels in the rotor by means of motor-driven mechanical pintles
  • Constant pay-off pull during the production
  • Possibility to have the stranding machine with mechanical or electrical axis
  • Wire end/braking system to be found in each reel
  • Stranding machines with the possibility to introduce prespiralling, sectorial, fixed, etc. stranding heads
  • Possibility to have automatic and semiautomatic loading systems
  • Loading in two versions, from above with motor-driven bridge cranes and from the bottom by means of platforms controlled by gearmotors
  • Stranding machines equipped with pay-offs, gearbox, pulling unit and take-up
  • Possibility to have a secondary deviation unit for line splitting
  • Planetary stranding machine with backtwist for pay-off reels dia. 250 mm to 800 mm
  • Stranding machine used for:
  1. Stranding of insulated conductors
  2. Stranding of steel wires
  3. Stranding of optical fibres
  4. OPGW cables, etc.
  • Reel-holding cradles are supported by means of precision bearings on rotating discs
  • Wire end/braking system to be found on each pay-off wire
  • The reel is supported inside the cradle by means of two pintles
  • The rotating discs lean against special material rollers

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