With a long-standing experience spanning over two decades ITM provides a wide range of tools and services to assist our clients in developing and enhancing their manufacturing.

We provide customised assistance in the development of trading and manufacturing within the Middle East and beyond. With dedicated branches focusing on detailed knowledge of commercial availabilities, direct links with suppliers and shippers and our paramount of providing excellent customer service at all times, we aim to assist both established manufacturers and small independent businesses alike.

With high expertise gained by successfully handling complex transactions involving multiple clients and network of banks, we can assist in import/export operations to non cee countries, offering a range of effective financial solutions.

We are particularly keen on providing all our clients with after sales assistance, with ITM as an established point of contact to direct setup of machineries, supply of spare parts and advise on optimising production.

Our expertise extends to a variety range of mechanical, technical and electrical services. ITM during his 20 years of work with all the finest producers in the world, can now offer a unique service of reconditioned machines, with the warranty of our best technicians and long-lasting customer satisfaction.

ITM has become one of the high points of reference in the wire industry for quality and service, for 20 years we have been growing in the world as a brand known for reliability and quality, and we seek for many more.